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My Latest Book

Morgantown to San Francisco, now at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1731008309

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Cruising the Acropolis: short stories from Sarvice Mountain

My latest book, available at Amazon.com Here are stories of: a ten-year-old boy ambushed in Vietnam; a gay lumberjack; a breast-fed Peace Corps baby; murder in Girls beer joint; and a genius named Juicy. You will also read of: gravity … Continue reading

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A String of Vietnamese Ears

Still day one after Veteran’s Day Several years ago the Lincoln Journal (Lincoln County, West Virginia) interviewed a veteran who told of seeing Vietnamese prisoners pushed out of helicopters at two thousand feet if they wouldn’t talk. My son’s classmate … Continue reading

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Metonym and Alice In Wonderland

metonym—A word or words to mean another like “the White House” for the president. I just finished reading The Annotated Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass a little each morning and followed with stories from old Goldenseal Magazines. … Continue reading

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Books I am reading

The Making Of An Un-American and The Tribes of America by the late Paul Cowan, Paul was a writer for the Village Voice in NYC, a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador, active in the Committee of Returned Volunteers–a group dedicated to … Continue reading

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From John Kennedy to Two Servings of Richard Nixon

“…anybody who won’t cross the street till the lights are green would never get far as a Musketeer or a Bengal Lancer.” Page 204 Selected Poetry of Ogden Nash. Reminds me of a San Francisco anti Vietnam war march (more … Continue reading

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