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Open For Business

An excerpt from my soon to be published memoir, Morgantown to San Francisco.  Open for Business It is so crazy, blowing up the mountains in the mountain state. Governor Joe Manchin changed the state motto appearing on billboards welcoming visitors … Continue reading

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Germ Warfare

An excerpt from my book in progress, Morgantown to San Francisco: Germ Warfare          The ABC Evening News reported that the Army admitted to conducting germ warfare experiments in the subways of New York, Chicago and San Francisco. … Continue reading

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Morgantown to San Francisco

This an excerpt from a rough draft of a memoir that I am writing called Morgantown to San Francisco: If you dig people, whether they be straight or “hip,” here is a way to do it: Go to Yosemite Valley … Continue reading

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Morgantown to San Francisco

Excerpt from a letter by a good friend in San Francisco, after I had returned to West Virginia. It will be in my Morgantown to San Francisco memoir. …. Constantly changing here—-that’s why I came here, why I stay and … Continue reading

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Dolores Huerta

I use this example in presentations on grassroots leadership                     Back in 1969, Delores Huerta, a founder along with Ceasar Chavez of the United Farmworkers Union, came to a picket line … Continue reading

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From John Kennedy to Two Servings of Richard Nixon

“…anybody who won’t cross the street till the lights are green would never get far as a Musketeer or a Bengal Lancer.” Page 204 Selected Poetry of Ogden Nash. Reminds me of a San Francisco anti Vietnam war march (more … Continue reading

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