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From John Kennedy to Two Servings of Richard Nixon

“…anybody who won’t cross the street till the lights are green would never get far as a Musketeer or a Bengal Lancer.” Page 204 Selected Poetry of Ogden Nash. Reminds me of a San Francisco anti Vietnam war march (more … Continue reading

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That’s Crazy

That’s Crazy I figured it out They were crazy It wasn’t me They were mad with cheap power Don’t you rock the boat Or we will fire your ass Don’t expose the insanity That boys with long hair can’t run … Continue reading

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“A Hillbilly, A Woman, And A Poet”

The Highlands Voice March 2012  wvhighlands.org “A HILLBILLY, A WOMAN, AND A POET” By Hugh Rogers This was Irene Durrett McKinney: “I’m a hillbilly, a woman, and a poet, and I realized early on that nobody was going to listen … Continue reading

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