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Pipeline Incidents

I would like to see this kind of representation for strip mining in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee.

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Iran’s New President

The National Iranian American Council issued the following statement regarding the election of Hassan Rouhani to be the next President of Iran: The election of Hassan Rouhani to be the next President of Iran signals a potential opening for progress … Continue reading

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Broad Form Deed

A summation taken from http://www.as.wvu.edu/WVHistory/documents/073.pdf The Broad Form Deed For a sum of money, sometimes as low as fifty cents an acre,  the buyer of mineral rights got all coal, minerals, oils and gasses, salt and salt mineral waters, fire … Continue reading

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Get Industry Out of Higher Education

I got my ENGINEERINGWV magazine which I usually throw away but this time the headline for a story talked to me. “DRILLING FOR ANSWERS: Marcellus Shale 101′ was beside a young gas company employee in a logo shirt taking serious … Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor of the Arizona Star from longtime friend Mike Breiding

To the Editor: The recent Arizona Star article (1.) on banning uranium mining near the Grand Canyon has some politicians once again bringing up the specter of energy problems in the U.S. due to limits on energy production, be it … Continue reading

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