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Damn Yankee Buttons

An excerpt from my next book, Damn Yankee Buttons: Stuff is subject to entropy, the second law of thermodynamics. Entropy says the universe will gradually wind down and everything will go from order to disorder. Burning coal, changes it to heat, … Continue reading

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Brainwashing At The Clay Center

Brainwashing At The Clay Center, The Charleston Gazette, July 30, 2015 by Julian Martin It is hard to imagine that anyone falls for Clay Center Chairman and Natural Gas driller Lloyd Jackson’s praise for his fellow business associates.   In gas-man … Continue reading

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Capitalism is an Un-system

My Op-Ed in the Charleston Gazette, today March 9, 2015             In 1956, WVU engineering students were required to take an introductory economics class. Proudly packing slide rules, hanging like six-shooters from our belts, we trooped over to the building … Continue reading

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West Virginia a Coal and Chemical Chernobyl

I sent this as part of a letter to the editor of Friends of Nigeria, a newsletter of former Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Nigeria.   On January 9, 2014, 10,000 gallons of coal-cleaning chemical spilled into the Elk … Continue reading

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A Friend’s Rant

I get a Christmas note from friends who live near Lake Champlain. Here is an excerpt: We usually write what a friend calls “our rant” about here, sharing with you a few things that just flat out bother us. Drones: … Continue reading

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“They were not born at all”

“There are no men or women defendants in the instant case; they are various business entities. … These are all legal fictions, existing not by natural birth by operations of state statutes. … Such business entities cannot have been ‘born … Continue reading

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