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Worker’s Concentration Camp by Julian Martin

A Workers Concentration Camp West Virginia has always been a sort of worker’s concentration camp. Big-city folks from Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Philadelphia, owned and still own most of the minerals under the land. Desperately poor people were brought in to … Continue reading

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To hell with you all

From the blog culturalslagheap.wordpress.com My dad, a lifelong firefighter, used to teach Hazardous Materials Response and Safety classes to first responders. The first informational point he covered at the beginning of the course was how to read the classification marks … Continue reading

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“They” Expect Us To Pay For This?

Do “they” really expect us to pay for this? My eyes were burning after I took a shower in the “safe” water that we are now enjoying here in Charleston and surrounding unfortunates. This morning I washed my still burning … Continue reading

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Mingo County Corruption is Not New

Find out about Johnny Owens and Wig Preece. http://articles.latimes.com/1988-04-21/news/mn-2506_1_county-assessor

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Coal Industry Infiltrating Education with Propaganda

Below is a reaction to our presentation at Scott High School on March 26. KK Matthews is the brave teacher who invited us. You can send him some encouraging words at kerry.k.matthews@gmail.com Maria Gunnoe is the OVEC organizer who lives … Continue reading

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Stupid may have bottomed out

Mike Teets, the only Republican on the Hardy County Commission, denies that race has anything to do with local antipathy towards Mr. Obama. But he is concerned that the president may be a Muslim, secretly in cahoots with Osama bin … Continue reading

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What we lost–Darrell McGraw

http://wvgazette.com/News/politics/201301130093 Read what we lost when a carpet bagger and big corporate money defeated the best Attorney General in the whole country.

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Mindless Destruction

Mindless Destruction The News from Sam’s Branch    I wrote this for the Lincoln Independent of April 3, 1996      We are engulfed in a mindless destruction of our home, the earth. The problems we leave our children in unbalanced budgets … Continue reading

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Introduction to The Soviet Union and Lincoln County USA

This is an edit of a rough draft of the introduction to “The Soviet Union and Lincoln County USA.” I hope to have that memoir published in the next couple of months. Lincoln County officials have a reputation for rigging … Continue reading

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Tribute to Garnett Pritt

This came from Frank Young. Charlotte Pritt would have been West Virginia’s first woman governor but was betrayed by Democrat leaders and leading that was now U.S. Senator Joe Manchin. Charlotte beat him in the primary and he then joined … Continue reading

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