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Morgantown to San Francisco

An excerpt from forth coming memoir Morgantown to San Francisco The presidents and officers of West Virginia higher education institutions are often on the boards of directors of large corporations. The most recent example, reported in the March 16, 2018, … Continue reading

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Germ Warfare

An excerpt from my book in progress, Morgantown to San Francisco: Germ Warfare          The ABC Evening News reported that the Army admitted to conducting germ warfare experiments in the subways of New York, Chicago and San Francisco. … Continue reading

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A Literal God

The literal God– “I don’t know why God is doing this, but I’m sure there’s a reason.” Jay Hewitt, WVU point guard, on losing to Marshall, WVU’s 8th straight loss. “I keep thinking somebody doesn’t want me to play in … Continue reading

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Mayor Daly’s police attacked anti-war protestors outside the 1968 Democratic Party Convention in Chicago. That pretty much gave the election to Richard Nixon, it was not what Mayor Daly, or the protestors had in mind. Those watching television coverage of … Continue reading

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Paul, Ralph and Joe

An excerpt from my next book,  Morgantown to San Francisco: I was not prepared for college level work. The first semester was brutal, I managed to squeeze by with a 2.0 average. Without my genius room-mate Paul Davis, I would … Continue reading

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Industry and Higher Education

An excerpt my memoir Morgantown to San Francisco: As Foreign Student Advisor, I was on the Student Affairs Staff. It was announced at one of our   staff meetings that the speaking engagement of Timothy Leary, LSD guru, was cancelled. Miss … Continue reading

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An Act of Conscience

Another excerpt from Morgantown to San Francisco, a memoir I am writing. My fist five books are available at They are: Imagonna: Peace Corps Memories; The Soviet Union and Lincoln County USA; Sarvice Mountain; Cruising the Acropolis; Damn Yankee … Continue reading

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