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29 August 2015

Little did I know when we moved to Wheeling we would be stepping into a smelly pile of Right Wing Bull Shit.
What was our first clue? The local paper. I guess I should say “papers” since there is both a morning and evening edition. But they are merely clones and one gets no diversity of opinion when one compares them. Since we arrived here I have been trying to come up with a way to describe the local papers. I finally hit on one. I tell people the dailies are like reading the FOX channel.
I am sure the owners and editorial staff of the papers would consider this high praise.

Day after day the front pages engages in repetitive and hysterical ranting about President Obama’s “War on coal”. But it does not stop there. According to the newspaper there is also a personal war on coal miners. But wait! That’s not all! The paper recently reported there will soon be a “War on Natural Gas” as well.

What could the motivation for all these wars possibly be? Well, it quite simple – it is to punish the Red States by reducing coal industry jobs and ultimately to raise electricity rates.
Yes indeed folks this is no right wing nut job conspiracy theory. Indeed, the paper recently reported President Obama’s various “Wars” would raise electric rates a whopping 85%. Did they tell us how they arrived at that figure? Of course not. “The paper said it, I believe it, that settles it”.
My, how proud Mr. Trump would be to see someone had the courage to speak “The Truth”.

Too bad the local papers spend so much time bashing the other side and making baseless, devisive and wild-eyed accusations which are only supported by conspiracy theories.
You will not find any articles extolling the virtues, accomplishments or ideas of the Right. Only the mean spirited and repetitive rants that provide the fuel to drive us all further apart.

Click on the photos below for a larger image.

 Photo by Mike Breiding - Click for larger imageWhen I saw this I wondered who the owner might be. The General Manager of the local paper? The Executive Editor perhaps. Nope.
As I was snapping the photo a fella came strolling across the parking lot and said: “You like that do ya!!?? Send that to Hillary’s camp!”

I have to say it is reassuring to know there are folks out there who are so inclusive as well as being respectful of other peoples point of view.
Is this what the Founding Fathers had in mind. “You come first after ME!!”

About Sam's Branch

I joined the Peace Corps in 1961 as West Virginia’s first volunteer. Go to to order my book Imagonna: Peace Corps Memories. I am the eighth generation of my family born in the Big Coal River Valley of West Virginia. My father and grandfather were underground coal miners. I have a chemical engineering degree from West Virginia University (WVU). After training to make sidewinder missiles, I joined the Peace Corps and taught chemistry and coached the track team at a secondary school in Nigeria. Since that time, I was WVU’s first full time foreign student advisor and worked in urban outreach, organic farming, construction labor, and high school teaching. I recently retired from the board of directors of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy (, and recently retired from the board of directors of the West Virginia Kanawha State Forest Foundation ( I am still on the board of the Labor History Association and the West Virginia Environmental Education Association and recently joined the board of the West Virginia Civil Liberties Union. I am active in the campaign to stop the destructive practice of mountain top removal strip mining in the Appalachian Mountains. You may contact me at or my blog samsbranch.wordpress.
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