Industry owns Public

From the today’s Charleston Gazette a quote from Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper: In January 2011 he said that to implement the U.S. Chemical Safety Board’s recommendation for a “Hazardous Chemical Release Prevention Program” in Kanawha County would take the “…unified support between industry, the public and government.” And I ask, since when is the government seperate from the public. To paraphrase a famous president the government should be of the public, by the public and for the public. As can be seen from the coal cleaning chemical leaked into Elk River and 300,000 homes, the public doesn’t stand a chance when up against industry and a government that is owned by industry.


About Sam's Branch

I joined the Peace Corps in 1961 as West Virginia’s first volunteer. Go to to order my book Imagonna: Peace Corps Memories. I am the eighth generation of my family born in the Big Coal River Valley of West Virginia. My father and grandfather were underground coal miners. I have a chemical engineering degree from West Virginia University (WVU). After training to make sidewinder missiles, I joined the Peace Corps and taught chemistry and coached the track team at a secondary school in Nigeria. Since that time, I was WVU’s first full time foreign student advisor and worked in urban outreach, organic farming, construction labor, and high school teaching. I recently retired from the board of directors of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy (, and recently retired from the board of directors of the West Virginia Kanawha State Forest Foundation ( I am still on the board of the Labor History Association and the West Virginia Environmental Education Association and recently joined the board of the West Virginia Civil Liberties Union. I am active in the campaign to stop the destructive practice of mountain top removal strip mining in the Appalachian Mountains. You may contact me at or my blog samsbranch.wordpress.
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3 Responses to Industry owns Public

  1. My goodness Sam, the “officals’ involved in this chemical spill water crisis sound like globalists.

  2. sigiocom says:

    I’d like to know when government ever was “of the public, by the public, and for the public.” As a student of history, it appears to me that government has always been “of the public, by the elite, for the elite,” even in the USA. All of the propaganda you’ve been exposed to that the government exists for your needs is simply that, propaganda.

    You think the New Deal was a case of populism? No, it case of the elite doing what needed to be done to save their bacon. Roosevelt later reflected that he had “saved capitalism,” and that was true. Revolutions were brewing among the populace and the funny things about revolution is you never know how they’re going to turn out until they’re over.

    How did the wealthy repay FDR for saving their capitalism? The attempted to stage a coup to oust him, but the Marine Corps General they asked to lead it had some integrity and ratted them out. What did the government do about this coup? Nothing. Congress had an investigation. Discovered that yes, there was a plot to overthrow FDR, but because it was the leading contributors to congressional campaigns involved they would do nothing about it.

    Take a good, hard look at the historical role that government has played since the beginning. You will see similar patterns everywhere. The sole purpose of government is too keep the peasants in line so that the nobles can go on exploiting the peasants.

    • Sam's Branch says:

      Hey Jahu, tell me your source on that coup–I would like to read more about it. I think your thinking is a chip off this old pard’s block.

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