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I grew up never hearing anyone use the word Appalachia. We were from West Virginia or Boone County or Kanawha County or Lincoln County. The word became popular during the war on poverty and became grant and thesis writer’s favorite … Continue reading

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Pogo Makes Fun of Joe McCarthy

From the November 5, 1951 Pogo comic strip Sarcophagus Macabre proclaims “Exactly! It’s these things we don’t understand that are dangerous!” One of the bats, a member of the vigilante committee answers: “By the same token I’m goin’ out an’ … Continue reading

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Who wrote this?

The Entire History of Man (Author unknown) Why should I tell you everything? When everything has been told and you have done nothing? No, I will tell you only one thing But what shall that be? Youth is not innocent? … Continue reading

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Memories and Pretty Things

Memories and Pretty Things Eye level from the second floor window A red cardinal sits in a green hemlock tree The fur of a squirrel The shell of a box turtle called “tarpon” A ring neck snake Henry Davis Long … Continue reading

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Why Won’t They Say It Is About Coal Company Profits?

My LTE in today’s Charleston Gazette It’s all about profits for coal industry Editor: In Ken Ward’s excellent story, “Mining The Mountains: Coal-backed studies evoke controversy,” coal industry public relations hacks say they are concerned about jobs and something called … Continue reading

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Coal Propaganda in the Classroom

(My op-ed published in the Charleston Gazette, May 2, 2013.The last paragraph was cut out by the Gazette) A teacher presented a unit on coal to her ninth grade classes. She invited guest speakers to present four days of the … Continue reading

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