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Lincoln County Racism

An excerpt from the eventual “The Soviet Union and Lincoln County USA” I was most proud of Lincoln County people when Jeff’s two Raider football coaches, Moe Mosteller and Eugene Estep, stopped by our house on Sugar Tree Creek on … Continue reading

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Homophobic Downton Abbey

It took two plus seasons of Downton Abbey for me to realize that the only character portrayed as gay is also portrated as evil. If you are LGBT this must have been obvious the first episode.

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The Hearing, Wiley Adkins Speaks, So Does Marilyn

An excerpt from my someday novel Sarvice or maybe a stand alone short story. The Hearing, Wiley Adkins Speaks, So Does Marilyn Wiley Adkins patted the briefcase propped against his chair leg. Marilyn glanced a worried look at the briefcase … Continue reading

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Stupid may have bottomed out

Mike Teets, the only Republican on the Hardy County Commission, denies that race has anything to do with local antipathy towards Mr. Obama. But he is concerned that the president may be a Muslim, secretly in cahoots with Osama bin … Continue reading

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