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Remembering Africa–Imagonna Book Review

ACTIVIST REMEMBERS AFRICA by Hugh Rogers “In March, 1961, the day after President Kennedy announced he was forming the Peace Corps, I called Washington and volunteered.” Julian Martin, now a well-known political activist, recalls those days in his newly published … Continue reading

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Northern Flying Squirrel Poop

The northern flying squirrel is a keystone species because of its role in facilitating a relationship between mycorrhizal fungi and dominant canopy tree species (Maser and Maser 1988). The squirrel feeds on truffles and deposits fecal pellets with fungal spores … Continue reading

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Luther King

Today seems a good day to repost this. January 9 at the Clay Center as my great granddaughter, Elizabeth Slater, pushed on the automatic door opener, which she loves to do and said, “Luther King died.” I said who is … Continue reading

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I Admire

I admire people who can do what I can’t or to be optimistic so far haven’t. Those admired can draw or paint something as it actually looks, overhaul a car engine, play a musical instrument, ski, roller and ice skate, … Continue reading

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Things i think about at this end of this.

I guess the hardest thing to figure out is why we die and what will it be like. And I have figured out that it won’t be like anything, cause it won’t be.

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Duty Homers

I just posted on facebook that I am collecting funny, wise beyond their years, strange etc children stories like this one from Bonnie Brimhall Pauley– Everyone needs a Riley Jo in their life to cheer them up. My mood was … Continue reading

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What we lost–Darrell McGraw Read what we lost when a carpet bagger and big corporate money defeated the best Attorney General in the whole country.

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