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Joe Sabo

An excerpt from Imagonna: Peace Corps Memories which should be published in a couple of weeks or months or… The Sabo Family Joe Sabo was a garrulous, gentle giant. He and his wife were devoted to their mission. Joe was … Continue reading

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Andy McClure’s Phys Ed Class

A rough draft excerpt from my work in progress The Soviet Union and Lincoln County USA. Jeff decided in the ninth grade to drop out of all organized sports at Duval. I hated to see him quit. I told him … Continue reading

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That’s Crazy

That’s Crazy I figured it out They were crazy It wasn’t me They were mad with cheap power Don’t you rock the boat Or we will fire your ass Don’t expose the insanity That boys with long hair can’t run … Continue reading

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Long Hair

Excerpt from memoir to come: The Soviet Union and Lincoln County USA My first run-in with the Board of Education was over the all-important issue of hair length. It was my first semester teaching at Duval. It was track season and the … Continue reading

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Feet of Clay

Another excerpt from Imagonna: Peace Corps Memories should be published in two weeks. What follows are excerpts from Bill Shurtleff’s A Peace Corps Year with Nigerians, which tells of Shurtleff’s visit to Lambarene, Gabon, where he worked for Schweitzer during … Continue reading

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Get Industry Out of Higher Education

I got my ENGINEERINGWV magazine which I usually throw away but this time the headline for a story talked to me. “DRILLING FOR ANSWERS: Marcellus Shale 101′ was beside a young gas company employee in a logo shirt taking serious … Continue reading

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Gandhi, Schweitzer, and Jesus: Excerpt from Imagonna:Peace Corps Memories

I should have Imagonna self published in about a month. It will then be available on Gandhi, Schweitzer, and Jesus Student days at West Virginia University (WVU) were a major influence in my decision to volunteer for the Peace … Continue reading

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Big Coal Brainwashes West Virginia Students

Throughout America there is an intrusion of industry into environmental education in public schools. Corporations spend millions of dollars on attractively presented lesson plans, videos, coloring books and other materials to offer their version of clear cutting, gas and oil … Continue reading

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My First Run-in With the Lincoln County Board of Education

Excerpt from work in progress, The Soviet Union and Lincoln County USA I was hired in January and fired in April. Well, not fired on the spot. A letter came telling me I would not be rehired for the next year. … Continue reading

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“A Hillbilly, A Woman, And A Poet”

The Highlands Voice March 2012 “A HILLBILLY, A WOMAN, AND A POET” By Hugh Rogers This was Irene Durrett McKinney: “I’m a hillbilly, a woman, and a poet, and I realized early on that nobody was going to listen … Continue reading

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