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In My Front Yard

Heroics on Our Front Lawn Record-breaking catches and moves never before seen have happened in my front yard. I saw my oldest son make a catch that exceeded anything in all the considerable college and professional football I have watched. … Continue reading

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YoungPrince of Nlocnil

    YoungPrince of Nlocnil This story comes from a true legend repeated throughout the kingdom of WesVirgin, especially the shire of Nlocnil. Once upon a time, YoungPrince rode into the Kingdom of WesVirgin. He wore a white hat and … Continue reading

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Lesser of Two Evils

  My latest op-ed. Tis my sad duty to make sure  my world remembers this man’s betrayal of our mountains. Lesser of Two Evils The Charleston Gazette October 25, 2011               A long time ago I gave my grandpa … Continue reading

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Why Sam’s Branch

I lived on Sam’s Branch in Lincoln County, West Virginia and walked the quarter mile to Duval High School where the powers tried to fire me three times in twenty-two years. At Duval I mainly taught physical science, chemistry, physics … Continue reading

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