From a book I am working on:

Since then, seeing what the Republicans really have in mind when they control all three branches of government and what mean spirited people they are, I have come to agree with my grandfather Charlie Barker that if the choice is between a Democrat and a Republican, I, too, would vote for a drunk Democrat before I would vote for a Republican. Of course, I would prefer a liberal, left wing choice over either one.

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My Latest Book

Morgantown to San Francisco, now at

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Morgantown to San Francisco

An excerpt from my new book Morgantown to San Francisco, available on

While running for the West Virginia House of Representatives in 1952, Robert Byrd said that he was no longer a member of the Klan. As a West Virginia University student in 1956, I heard Congressman Byrd give a speech at Morgantown’s First Baptist Church. Byrd pounded a Bible with his fist to illustrate that like an anvil, it had withstood the hammers of fascism, communism and such.

After the speech a man in the back of the chapel made a statement about the KKK. Byrd replied and admitted he had been a member of the Klan. He said that the Charleston Gazette had exposed this to try to ruin him. He went on to say that he was, “proud to have been a member of the Klan,” I heard him say that. Byrd had joined the Ku Klux Klan in 1942 and held the offices of Exalted Cyclops[1] and Kleagle.[2] Strange aside: Byrd was one of two West Virginia legislators to witness the first execution in the electric chair at Moundsville prison.

[1] Each local chapter, or Klavern, is led by an Exalted Cyclops.

[2] Recruiter

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Open For Business

An excerpt from my soon to be published memoir, Morgantown to San Francisco. 

Open for Business

It is so crazy, blowing up the mountains in the mountain state. Governor Joe Manchin changed the state motto appearing on billboards welcoming visitors from Wild and Wonderful to Open for Business, as if that wasn’t obvious from the massive destruction wrought by coal, timber, natural gas, and chemical businesses. Looks like someone left the door open a long time ago and Manchin was rubbing our nose in it.

For Manchin to think that Open for Business was a good idea told me something about his intelligence. As a former coal broker, Manchin’s allegiance was obvious for a long time. Public outrage forced him to return to Wild and Wonderful, which itself had been invented by public relations hacks, under Governor Arch Moore to replace The Mountain State motto.

Arch Moore eventually spent three years in federal prison for lying and stealing. Long before Moore went to prison, Governor Wally Barron set a high bar. He got caught bribing the head juror in a trail in which Barron was being tried for bribery.

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Jesuit Slave Trade

An excerpt from Morgantown to San Francisco, my book in progress:

As foreign student advisor [at WVU] I became involved in the Regional Council on International Education.  At one of our University of Pittsburgh meetings, we were addressed by a Jesuit priest. I asked the speaker about the Jesuit selling of four million slaves from Angola to Brazil. His reply was that it was only 2% of the slave trade to Brazil during the time frame that it occurred. WVUHe reduced 4,000,000 people to the number 2!

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Morgantown to San Francisco

An excerpt from forth coming memoir Morgantown to San Francisco

The presidents and officers of West Virginia higher education institutions are often on the boards of directors of large corporations. The most recent example, reported in the March 16, 2018, edition of the Charleston Gazette-Mail, was the appointment of, Joyce McConnell, West Virginia University provost and vice-president of academic affairs, to the board of directors of Antero Resources, a natural gas company. Amazingly, McConnell also “serves as the chair of the West Virginia Nature Conservancy.” It is an eye-opener that the West Virginia Nature Conservancy website lists Antero Resources Corporation, Dominion Energy Services, Inc. and Southwestern Energy, as the three members of the Founders’ Circle, reserved for donors of $25,000. Makes me wonder what side the Nature Conservancy is on.

Charleston Gazette-Mail, March 16, 2018

[2] Charleston Gazette-Mail, March 16, 2018

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Germ Warfare

An excerpt from my book in progress, Morgantown to San Francisco:

Germ Warfare

         The ABC Evening News reported that the Army admitted to conducting germ warfare experiments in the subways of New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

         The Army said that the germs were of a non-disease carrying kind. Others have said that these Army germs cause heart valve infection and pneumonia. But, even if they are harmless germs, what right does the Army have to experiment on the people who ride those subways? And, since they only admitted to what they got caught at, what other experiments are they conducting against the health of the American people? Perhaps swine flu and French polio are army experiments.    

         These experiments shocked me so much that I called my friends and asked them to send a telegram to President Jimmy Carter asking him to stop the Army germ warfare against the American people or any people for that matter.     

I called Ned Chilton, the inspired publisher of the Charleston Gazette newspaper, and told him that the Army released germs in several locations in the United States to find what the pattern of distribution would be as time went on. He said, “It was probably just an experiment.” I replied “You got it!” Soon after that a front page article in the Gazette by reporter Lawrence L. Knutson, revealed that this experiment had gone on for twenty years ending in 1969.

 The Gazette article revealed that, “The Army secretly conducted simulated germ warfare attacks using live bacteria against 19 American civilian targets including the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the city of San Francisco and National Airport in Washington…Overall, the Army staged 239 open air tests….In 79 of the cases, disease-causing agents were used. The other 160 tests involved stimulants such as sulfur dioxide, fluorescent particles and soap bubbles. However, some critics have questioned whether some of the theoretically nontoxic bacteria may have caused pneumonia or other respiratory diseases.”

I recall reading of a family in San Francisco suing over the death of their father. They claimed his death was caused by the Army’s germ warfare experiments. In June 2009 a TV documentary confirmed once again the Army germ warfare experiments on U.S. citizens.

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